Study Suggests a Lean Step Towards Breast Cancer Personalized Treatment

Release Date: 28-Jul-2020

Providing the correct treatment to the cancer patient is one of the most critical challenges found in the oncology research today.  According to the researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, proteins are very important in understanding the environment of the cancer and trying to impose a treatment that could actually meet the requirements of the patient. The researchers from the above-mentioned research centers have accessed the green light to start the human clinical trial to measure the amount of protein HER2 in the cells of breast cancer using their technology.


There are various drugs available that identifies high levels of HER2 in the tissues of the breast cancer but there are none or few drugs that identifies low levels of HER2. The researchers have now developed a system called as multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry that could precisely measure HER2 protein in low expressing tumors. Other than the breast cancer, the researchers are focused towards developing similar type of technology for other types of cancer too. It is estimated that their technology will help in introducing several types of therapies to the patients. The researchers are currently developing the multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry to quantify proteins that regulate the immune system at the time of cancer development.


It is estimated that research on this level is highly appreciable as well as applausible. This whole will take the research space to completely into the novel space i.e. towards the era of personalized therapy. The introduction of personalized treatment for the cancer patient will help in overall improvement of the cancer patients and as the world was in urgent need of a technology or a methodology that will lead to more precise diagnostic as well as precise treatment procedure and by performing such research the concept of personalized medicine is coming into reality.

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