Spermine Synthase (SMS) Support Novel Insights about Colorectal Cancer Growth

Release Date: 28-Jul-2020

There are several parameters or moelcules that support the growth of cancer cells in the body but identification of such molecules and parameters is considered as breakthrough for the researchers as well as the patients. The same has been achieved for the colorectal cancer growth by some of the researches from the University of Kentucky.


The study indicates that the presence of enzyme called as spermine synthase in the body supports the growth of the colorectal cancer cells. The enzyme responsible for the growth of colorectal cancer cells is produced from spermidine. The accumulation of the enzyme is considered to be lethal for the viability of the cells. But this has been however tackled by the cancer cells as they maintain high levels of this specific enzyme in order to facilitiate their growth. It is observed that the high level of spermindine in the cancer cells is important for the necessary adaptation of the cancer growth.


They also discovered that there is a special link between SMS and the oncogene MYC. MYC is a gene that is responsible for maintain the growth of the colorectal cell growth. Therefore, the whole study focuses towards inhibiting the gene SMS and MYC for inducing tumor regression and cancer cell death. This is considered as a promising strategy for the colorectal cancer therapy. The in-depth understanding about the genes and its regulatory effect on the growth of the cancer cells tends to be very promising for the researchers all around the world. It is estimated that it will soon get developed into a potential therapy. 

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