Second Generation CAR-T Cell Therapy Shows Prominent Action Against Leukemia and Lymphoma

Release Date: 27-Sep-2019

Recently, the researchers of US have developed a promising new CAR T-cell therapy of second generation that prevents the relapsing of lymphoma and leukemia and results in the 100% long term survival. It can target the BAFF-R protein, which has shown a superior cancer effects against cancer and rapid cell destruction as compared to the existing FDA approved CAR T Cell Therapy.


The stufdy is published in the American Journal of Managed Care and it involves the effect of new CAR T cell therapy in mouse models. The study also compares the new therapy with CD19-directed CAR T-cells. This new therapy will be used in a clinical trial next year for patients who relapsed after CD19 immunotherapy treatments and may also be potentially used as a first-line of CAR T-cell therapy treatment. 


Further, a major problem of relapsing is associated with the previously available CAR T cell therapy. About 20 to 30 percent of leukaemia and lymphoma patients will suffer from relapsing of this cancer after CD19 CAR-T therapy. The effectiveness of the CAR-T cells that target the CD19 protein on cancerous B cells begins to wane and the cancer returns. This new therapy offers a possible solution for such patients.


According to Larry Kwak, MD, PhD, the principal author of the study and vice president and deputy director of City of Hope’s comprehensive cancer center, One major obstacle to current CAR-T therapy is that in up to a third of these patients, the tumour is actually smart and comes back because it has learned how to no longer express the target that’s recognised by the original immunotherapy. To combat that, City of Hope research has found a new, and potentially more effective, target for CAR T-cell therapy against B cell leukaemias and lymphomas. We plan to open a clinical trial next year using the BAFF-R CAR T-cell therapy.


The study related to BAFF-R CAR-T Cell also includes the study of tumor samples from the patients with relapsed cancer after receiving the CD-19 targeted therapy i.e. Blinatumomab. The study demonstrated that BAFF-R CAR-T cells were consistently active against these tumours, whereas CD19 CAR-T cells had greatly diminished responses to each patient’s relapse tumour compared to the pre-therapy samples


Further, a new clinical trial related to the BAFF-R CAR T-cell therapy is expected to initiate in next year. The City of Hope plans to open this trial for the management of B cell leukemia and lymphoma patients who have relapsed after receiving CD19 CAR T-cell therapies or other immunotherapy.

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