Screening, Testing and Treatment of Cancer Patients Affected by Covid-19 Pandemic

Release Date: 16-Aug-2020

According to the new research that has been brought up, cancer patients are tend to live shorter life as NHS has suspended all the screening, testing and treatment procedures due to prevailing pandemic situation. It is estimated that the overall survival rate of the UK breast cancer patients will reach to 83.5% from 85% due to these conditions. For bowel cancer patients and for lung cancer patient, the survival rate will drop from 58.4% to 56.1% and 6.2% to 15.4% respectively.


It is believed that the reaction of such steps in the therapeutics sector will lead to a impactful setback for the overall progress that has been made by the researchers for a long period of time. It is estimated that this will bring back the situation that was years ago in the respective cancer therapeutics sector, which is a bring concern to worry about. Statistical representation of the same shows that the shutdown led by NHS will mean that 210,000 cancer patients won’t get screened, leading to fewer CT and MRI scans.


But in order to make the situation controllable, NHS is delivering chemotherapy drugs to the home of the cancer patients. It is also estimated that in few months, NHS will perform all its function again. As the time is passing, local hospitals of UK are now returning back to get normal speed of tests and other arrangement for the cancer patients. Also, during the course of the pandemic, 850,000 patients started their cancer treatment course and it is estimated that in the future, everythinhg will back to normal.

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