Renewable Energy to Emerge as Next Growth Frontier for Turkey

Release Date: 17-Feb-2012

A recent research report “Turkey Power Sector Outlook 2016” published by KuicK Research identifies renewable energy as the next focus area for electricity generating companies in Turkey. According to the report, Turkey is realizing an increasing importance of switching to renewable sources of energy in times to come. In fact, Turkey aims to produce 30% of its electricity from renewable by the year 2023, which is anticipated to be achieved within the desired time frame.


As per the research report “Turkey Power Sector Outlook 2016”, among various renewable sources of energy, wind and hydro based power projects will emerge as the main focus area for the policy makers. These two renewable sources will help to achieve the renewable energy targets in future and is anticipated to attract majority of renewable energy sector investments.


In order to achieve its renewable energy targets, the Turkish government had already approved feed-in tariffs for several technologies for wind, small hydro, geothermal and solar PV, applicable for 10 years. Moreover, additional incentives are also available for the use of domestically produced equipment. For hydroelectric and wind power tariffs are fixed at 7.3 US cents/kWh, geothermal power at 10.5 US cents/kWh, biomass power (including landfill gas) and solar power at 13.3 US cents/kWh. These tariffs will be applicable to the firms which are setup between 3 May 2005, and 31 December 2015.


The research report “Turkey Power Sector Outlook 2016” analyzes various trends related to the power sector and provides detail information on Power Market Structure, Installed Capacity by Fuel, Public/Private Companies and Region; Electricity Generation by Fuel, Public/Private Companies and Region; Electricity Import and Export; Latest trend in the market ;Power Distribution Regions; Regulatory and Policy framework. This report will help investors and power sector companies to identify with the investment opportunities in Turkey Power sector.


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