Novel Immunotherapy Combination Therapy for Advanced Skin Cancer

Release Date: 06-Aug-2020

Malignant melanoma is a type of cancer that needs special assistance and therapy. In majority of the patients who have been treated with single therapy do not respond well to the therapies therefore, it was important to treat the cancer two a combination of therapy that contains two types of immunotherapy. Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes are considered to be important for the body’s immune system against the cancer cells. These cells are grown in tremendous amount and are infused back to the patient in combination with a growth factor called as Interleukin -2. Some of the patients are also treated with several doses of dendritic cells (DC) along with TIL cells. It is suggested that DC cells helps in the activation of stronger immune response when combined with TIL cells against the cancer cells.


A group of the patients suffering from malignant melanoma were enrolled in the study. Out of the 4 patients who were given combination of DC cells and TIL cells, 3 responded completely i.e. there was complete remission of the cancer cells. Another group of the patients who were given only TIL cells did not show same response to the treatment. It is estimated that the combination of the therapies when used against the cancer cells could be able to develop an immune response that is efficient and promising. For the future, the combination could be delivered as a treatment for millions of patients who have been suffering from the malignant melanoma cancer.

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