New Immunotherapy for Mesothelioma Enters in Clinical Trail

Release Date: 23-Sep-2019

A new immunotherapy is in Clinical trial phase, which is conducted by The National Cancer Institute. Their study involves 45 participants of mesothelioma.  The entire patient received a dose of LMB-100 along with tofacitinib. The immunotherapy trial is in Phase I and is intended for people with one of many cancers: pancreatic, bile-duct or any solid-tumor disease that involves mesothelin.


Many types of immunotherapy are available for the treatment of mesothelioma. Some of them work by stimulating the body’s immune system so it can more effectively fight diseases. Others prevent the cancerous cells from disrupting the immune system’s process. Monoclonal antibodies are also available in the market, which are active in directly attacking the tumors.


Mesothelioma is a type of malignant tumor, which is formed in the lining of the lungs, heart and abdomen. It results in the difficulty in breathing and chest pain. Some immunotherapy clinical trials focus on disrupting the deactivation of T-cells, the immune system’s primary weapon in defending the body of cancer. Dr. Raffit Hassan is a specialist at the National Cancer Institute. They worked on various cancer related therapy and has led numerous trial involving LMB-100 targeting mesothelin. 


 This new clinical trial will investigate the effectiveness of the immunotoxin LMB-100, which targets the cells that produce a protein called mesothelin. This protein is common in mesothelioma. The National Cancer Institute is sponsoring the trial, which started in August. While mesothelioma is not the only cancer involved in the trial, the mesothelin focus means this specific disease is front and center.


This trial is only for the patient who did not respond well to treatment or were unable for treatment. The drug is administered to the patient in three 21-day cycles. Each cycle includes three injections of LMB-100. The researchers and doctors are working to find a most convenient and safe dose of LMB-100 with tofacitinib. They are also working the mechanism and other effects of the drug in patient’s body.

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