NEO Personalised Vaccine Shows Promising Action Against Advanced Cancers

Release Date: 17-Sep-2019

NEO-PV-01 is a new product of Neon Therapeutics, which is active against cancer. New results released by Neon Therapeutics have shown promising, early results for their personalized neoantigen vaccine in 3 different types of advanced cancer. The action is observed along the Combination with nivolumab.


The activity is observed against the advanced bladder cancer, advanced melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In all 3 cancer types, progression-free survival (PFS) was favorable compared with historical results in these cancer types with just nivolumab treatment alone.


Mutually, the data obtained is clearly determining a promising new methodology in the field of cancer immunotherapy with the potential to further broaden and extend the benefits of checkpoint inhibitor treatment to improve patient outcomes in multiple cancer settings.


NEO-PV-01 is personalized to neoantigens found on an individual’s tumor. Each modified vaccine contains about 20 neoantigen peptides, which are designated for each patient by a specialized bioinformatics pipeline. The main aim of this therapy is to boost the T-cell responses. The patients of the phase I of the clinical trial are monitored for about 12 months and PFS is used to measure the efficacy of the new drug.

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