Molecular Imaging Exam Approaching Personlaized Cancer Treatment

Release Date: 02-Aug-2020

A novel method that approaches single-photon emission computed tomography is used to measure how much radiations’ a patient’s tumor has absorbed or is susceptible to it. It is now selected to deliver some potential benefits to the cancer treatment. The approach is completely based on one single molecular imaging exam. The primary aim of the novel approach is to customize the cancer treatment according to the health of the patient.


Accoding to the researchers who have been working on this, they believed that this novel and tailored approach will help them to improve the overall condition of the cancer therapy as it is based on an application that is a marked imrpved version of the older applications. This whole is dependent on multiple SPECT/CT scans and radionuclide. The adoption of the application provided by radiation dosimetry is considered to be an important step in the cancer market as it will deliver significant improvement in the efficacy of the treatment as well as safety.


In the respective study, researchers used and administered 77Lu-PSMA-617 to the patients who were enrolled in the study and afterwards performed SPECT/CT exams at 4, 24 and 96 hours. The analysis was done to trace the pharmacokinetics of the normal tissues as well as the tumors. Through this, they were able to determine the 3-D volumes of the interest. Using the first image volume that was analyzed, they developed a method to assess each subregion. The same method also led to the estimation of radiation absorbed dose from a single image. The information that was gathered was more accurate after 72 hours of the completetion.

It was concluded through the study that the administration of Lu-PSMA in the patient will lead to the determination of the activity and absorbed dose. It is estimated that dosimetry methods for the cancer treatment should be made as a routine application as it has the ability to optimize the therapy for the cancer patient with maximum potential and safety.

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