LEFTY1 Fueling the Success Rate of Breast Cancer Treatment Success

Release Date: 08-Aug-2020

An important property that is linked with cancer is that it can exhibit changes in the kinase and phosphatase balances in the body. There are several different types of drugs available in the market that taget kinase activity and several drugs have shown success results too but the drug that can show phosphatase activity still remains unexplored in the therapeutics market. It is most probably due to the lack of the information about the spread of the disease using phosphatase.


It was found through the studies that phosphatase cascade in the body plays an important role in different types of cancer such as pancreas, lung and prostate cancer. According to the researchers, a pro-oncogenic phosphatase PRL2 shows its effect by downregukating a gene called as PTEN which is a tumor suppressive phosphatase that is frequently lost in the cancers found in the humans.


According to the research conducted for the same, they suggested that PRL2 could be used as a potential drug target. It is estimated that by inhibiting PRL2 phosphatase the levels of the PTEN can be restored which further could lead to tumor suppression. This respective mechanism has the potential to impact many different types of cancer.  PLR2 is a phosphatase that has the ability to remove the phosphate group from PTEN at position 336 that contains tyrosine. It further leads to degradation of the protein, which lowers down the ability of the cells to fight cancer.


Therefore, it was concluded that PRL2 expression leads to low PTEN level and reduction in the overall survival rate of the patient. From here, it was concluded that the protein could be used to target the cancer progression as its shows potential towards inhibiting tumorigenesis. The researchers have also identified a drug that has the ability to inhibit the PRL2 function. The molecule is called as Cmdp-43. Further processs for drug development is going on by the researchers.

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