Immunotherapy Protecting the Brain Cells from Aggressive Damage

Release Date: 09-Aug-2020

Brain cancer is one of the most unexplored types of cancer in the research sector. Now-a-days, a novel treatment that has the potential towards aggressive brain cancer has been found to be effective as the results obtained through the early trials of the same have been promising enough to take the process one step further. A partnership between QIMR Berghofer medical research institute and Briz Brain and Spine has been initiated which targets the immunotherapy mechanism to treat the cancer related with brain called as glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).


The idea behind the whole study was to treat the cancer as early as the patients are done with the standard therapy and finally introducing them to the immune therapy. When the same was performed on the patients, the researchers were fascinated by the results as the overall survival rate due to this significantly got improved. There were intotal 25 patients enrolled in the study, and among them 10 patients are still alive and five were cancer free. The average survival time of the patients was 21 months.


The whole process involved involvement of immunotherapy against the GBM cells. The positive results obtained through the study led to the approval of developing of a combination therapy with more effectiveness. The researchers are trying to explore this with other immunotherapy such as immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy. It is estimated that arrival of such therapy for the patients will improve the healthcare of the cancer patients.

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