Immunotherapy as an Extended Valuable Weapon against Breast Cancer Cells

Release Date: 14-Aug-2020

Today’s cancer patients are wholly dependent on the advantages that immunotherapy is capable of provding. The certain advantages or benefits associated with it are leading towards the development of a valuable therapy for the cancer ccells. Immunotherapy has proven to be an efficient therapy in the mouse models with triple negative breast cancer, which is however a difficult cancer to treat. An important point that is noted in case of triple-negative breats cnacer is that it doesnot represent any surface antigens. This makes the process of immunotherapy against the cancer cells little difficult to target.


The cancer is named so because it gives negative test for some of the progesterone receptors, estrogen receptors and excessive HER2 proteins. This was however targeted by taking the cancer cells and chopping them off in order to represent them infront of immune cells. In this respective study, the researchers packed the complete lysate and the adjuvant together within a nanoparticle. The nanoparticle that was used for the study was called as spherical nucleic acid or SNA.


The introduction of SNA under the mice skin, led to the exposure of the SNA to the lymph nodes. The entry of the SNA in the lymph node led to the generatiob of an immune response against the antigens in the lysate. Also, when the researchers incorporated some of the oxideized tumor cells, a stronger immune response was generated. It was observed that maximum number of mice that were tested and were injected with oxidized lysates showed complete tumor remission whereas other mice died within next 30 days.


The researchers are now trying to explore the substes of the lysates that can generate more powerful immune response against the antigens. As of now, it is estimated that the use of oxidized lysate or SNA approach is among one of the most powerful approaches that the researchers all across the world have observed. It is estimated that digging deep into it will lead to more aveanues for the patients suffering from triple negative breast cancer.

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