Imbruvica and Rituximab Combination given a Positive Response from European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL)

Release Date: 15-Jul-2020

The drug Ibrutinib in combination with another drug called as Rituximab is now considered as an important novel targeted and non-chemotherapeutic treatment option for the patients suffering from CLL. The following has been represented by bio-pharmaceutical company Janssen pharmaceuticals after the results of their clinical trials. The combination has been given a green flag by the regulatory body of Europe i.e. EMA for the marketing authorization. The approval given by the EMA regarding the marketing of the combination for the treatment of the patients suffering from CLL is purely based on the results that were observed through Phase 3 E1912 study, which was designed and conducted by the US researchers.

In total, the study enrolled evaluation of 529 patients and the median age that was selected for the trial included 58 years. A random assessment was given to the patients with respect to the administration of Ibrutinib and rituximab.  The result of the clinical study was found to be promising as the treatment resulted in progression free survival among the patients who were 70 years of age or younger but previously untreated CLL when compared with other chemotherapy induced treatment.

According to the researchers that have been studying the results obtained through the combination of the drugs, the combination has the potential to extend the life of the patients as well as provide a tolerability profile for the patients. The biopharmaceutical company involved in the respective study is looking forward to work with the European Commission regarding the treatment availability for adult patients. The Ibrutinib-based, which is a non-chemotherapy frontline treatment, is estimated to set up a landmark for the other incoming treatment regimens for the cancer.

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