Favorable Policy and Regulatory Framework to Drive Turkey Power Sector

Release Date: 08-Feb-2012

Turkey to emerge as favored investment destination for power sector companies driven by favorable policy and regulatory framework.

The Turkey power sector will witness phenomenal growth in coming years according to recent research report Turkey Power Sector Outlook 2016 published by KuicK research. As per the report findings, the Turkish power sector is a highly evolved and efficient sector as it is supported by an extremely favorable and facilitative government policy and regulatory regime.

The regulatory framework is structured to attract the private sector and promotes a healthy, competitive, stable and a transparent market structure. Thanks to the Government’s fast privatization program, which has led to a gradually and steady rise in the share of private sector in the electricity market of Turkey. The total installed capacity for power generation surpassed 50 GW in 2011 and future plans for further rise in this capacity, aided by the enthusiasm of the private domestic and foreign companies are in full swing.

It is expected that Turkey will emerge as hub for power sector companies to enter Europe and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The strategic location and the government focus on power sector reforms will attract power sector companies to setup or expand their operations in Turkey and to penetrate other markets in Europe and MENA region.

The research reportTurkey Power Sector Outlook 2016analyzes various trends related to the power sector and provides detail information on Power Market Structure, Installed Capacity by Fuel, Public/Private Companies and Region; Electricity Generation by Fuel, Public/Private Companies and Region; Electricity Import and Export; Power Distribution Regions; Regulatory and Policy framework. This report will help investors and power sector companies to identify with the investment opportunities in Turkey Power sector.

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