Experts from Abcam and Cancer Research United Kingdom to design Novel Cancer Therapies

Release Date: 01-Aug-2020

Cancer has been now a major concern in the world as the mortality rated due to cancer is increasing at a very high rate. The development of the cancer in the patients cannot be controlled but the progression and the overall spread of the cancer in the body can be controlled and managed. To manage the circumstances of increasing cancer cases, two major key players in the research world i.e. Cancer Research UK and Abcam plc have undergone a partnership for the development of novel therapies for cancer treatment.


The partnership between the two in today’s generation is considered as a potential-game changer for the overall cancer therapeutics industry as both are coupled with advanced technologies and expertise. The primary aim of the partnership is to develop and commercialize novel antibodies that will accelerate the active cancer research system. According to the agreement that has been signed between the two, the targets that will be identified at Cancer Research UK will be developed by the Cambridge business. The arrival of novel antibodies by Cancer Research UK will help in advancing the overall cancer biology sector and will also aid in developing novel diagnostic tools.


Abcam plc is one of the major key players involved in the cancer research. Its antibody development capabilities will help all the researchers to develop the reagents used for the antibody development. The expertise available at Abcam plc will make the overall process pass all the stages of research and development at a very high pace. The antibodies or novel targets that will be identified from the partnership will be considered as a breakthrough in the cancer therapeutics sector.

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