Convalescent Plasma to Statistically Upregulate Survival Rate of Covid-19 Infected Patients

Release Date: 14-Aug-2020

Convalescent antibodies are estimated to treat the patients who have been suffering from Covid-19. In general, these types of antibodies are produced by an individual who gets recovered from the disease. It was observed through a three-month study that the patients who received this type of antibody within first three days of diagnosis showed seven-day death rate of 8.7% and the patients who reveived this particular antibody at four or more days of infection had a mortality rate of 11.9%. According to the researchers that have been working on it represented that more detail study needed to be done in order to receive more information about the antibody.


It was found through the study that the quality of the antibody also played an important role in treatin the patient. The patients who received more infusions of the antibody perfomed better than the other ones. Through the clinical trial period and the results that were associated, it was observed that the approach is promising towards the Covid-19 patients. This respective approach is considered as a head start for all the upcoming trials. It was observed that the patients who received this type of approach as a treatment also got discharged from the hospital earlier than the other patients.


It is estimated that the further study of the respective study will help in controlling the prevailing conditions due to Covid-19. The further evaluation of the same approach will be conducted on a larger group of Covid-19 patients. The complete study was conducted by the Mayo Clinic, Cooper University Health Care, Michigan State University and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health at sites across the country.

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