Combination of Hormone Therapy and Fasting-Mimicking Diet Promoting Breast Cancer Treatment

Release Date: 29-Jul-2020

Breast cancer is one of the most diagnosed cancer types in the whole world. The rising cases of breast cancer have been a concern for the researcherd all around the world. Now this has been taken into serious consideration by the researchers. This seriousness of the researchers towards breast cancer has resulted in some of the potential therapies. Scientists have identified that the combination of hormone therapy with fast mimicking diet can increase the overall efficacy of the hormone therapy towards breast cancer.


The study when conducted in mice resulted that fast mimicking diet eventually reduces the level of blood glucose in the body, leading to more prominent effect of some cancer hormone drugs such as fulvestrant and tamoxifen. It is suggested through the clinical trial conducted regarding the same, the combination was able to reduce the size of the tumors. The three different factors that were highly influenced by the fast mimicking diet were IGF1, leptin and insulin. 


The same study was conducted in 129 patients suffering from breast cancer. It was found that the combination of chemotherapy and fast-mimicking diet increased the overall efficacy of chemotherapy in the patients. It is estimated that the nutritional program developed by the researchers in combination with the existing cancer therapies will help in delivering a weapon that will have 100% activity towards the cancer cells without the development of any severe side effects.


The process that has been initiated by the researchers regarding combination of the fast-mimicking diet and hormone treatment are now getting investigated for other combination of the different cancer treatments. It is estimated that the potential that the combination of both will gradually improve the overall condition of the cancer survival and eventually will provide a better state of mind to the patients who have been suffering from the bad healthcare condition.

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