CAR and NK Cells to Work Effeciently against Cancer Cells

Release Date: 12-Aug-2020

Immunotherapy is one of the most promising therapies available for the cancer patients. The advantages that are associated with the immunotherapy has surpassed all the limitations that were associated with the other cancer therapies. Among all the available immunotherapies for cancer treatments, two therapies that have been in the limelight for efficient treatment are CAR T cell therapy and NK cell therapy. Both have been found to be promising against wide variety of cancer treatments. The clinical outcomes related with a single therapy is outstanding and it is estimated that the combined effects of both the therapy will provide some fascinating results in the clinical studies. 


There is an important advantage that is associated with the use of NK cells in the process of attacking the cancer cells. Unlike T cells, NK cells doesnot require any activation through Major Histone Compatibility complex. This however makes the use of NK cells desirable in the immunotherapy processs. Some of the other factors that are promising enough to combine both the treatments for cancer treatment is that CAR-NK cell therapy also holds the potential to control the spread of severe adverse events that sometimes leads to the failure of the treatment procedure.


Not only the combinational use of CAR-NK cells against the cancer cells is potent for theoreotical use but also the combination has showed some promising practical use against the cancer patients suffering from relapsed and refractory leukemia and lymphomas that express CD-19 surface protein on the cancer cells. In a clinical trial combating the same, 73% of the patients received complete response rate when were infused with CAR-NK cells. Also, the study was affiliated with no adverse effects.

Through all the clinical trials that have been perfomed for evaluating the efficiency of CAAR-NK cell therapy, it is witnessed that it has the potential to treat patients with lymphomas without producing any signs of adverse events. Also, the process of engineering different samples is also diminished when the sample is obtained from allogenic donors.  With the arrival of such novel immunotherapy treatment for the cancer patients, it is believed that the growing trend of increasing cases will experience a decline in the number of cases. In general, it is providing a glimmer of hope as well as an efficient methodology to combat the escape procedure of malignancies.

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