Cancer Stem Cell Therapeutics An innovative Approach for Cancer Treatment

Release Date: 09-Oct-2019

Although several therapies are available for the management of cancer but all of them have their own drawbacks, which generates instant need of development of noval therapeutics. One of the recently developed approaches involves utilization of stem cells for the treatment of multiple cancers. Stem cells are specialized form of cells, which are able to produce different type of cells to replace the damaged or dead cells of the body. They help in regeneration of the cells and organ. This ability of stem cells makes them an ideal approach for the treatment of cancer and they are considered as hot topic for research programs.


As per the recent research report "Global Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Market, Price, Dosage and Clinical Trial Insight 2025" by KuicK Research, the Cancer stem cells are gaining popularity day by day and tremendous growth will observe in this sector. This new class of therapeutic is widely accepting among the multiple stakeholders of cancers therapy market in the form of monotherapy as well as supplementary therapy for restoration of lost cells. The patients are accepting both the Autologus and allogeneic transplants according to their needs and the physicians are also prescribing this segment of therapeutics without any hesitation.


Download Report:,-price,-dosage-and-clinical-trial-insight-2025.php


After the first stem cell transplant procedure that was performed in year 1968, rapid advancement in this sector takes place. Currently, Cancer Stem Cell therapeutics has been emerging as a new promising approach for cancer treatment and the number of procedures of stem cell related transplants such as hematopoietic stem cell transplant is increasing continuously. The bone marrow transplant and cord blood transplant are FDA approved stem cell transplantation methods, which have a huge market value and leads the cancer stem cell therapeutic market. Besides the transplant techniques, some of the drugs are also available, which directly acts on the cancer stem cells and prevents the relapsing of the tumor. Roche’s Erivedge, Pfizer’s Daurismo and Novartis’ Odomzo are Cancer stem cell targeting drugs that are commercially available in the market.


Further, large numbers of leading pharmaceutical companies are participating in the research work related to the Cancer stem cell therapeutics, which indicates towards the highly competitive landscape in future. A number of new cancer stem cell therapeutics are currently under the clinical trials and it is expected that in future a major market share of cancer therapies will be covered by the stem cell therapeutics. The leading large scale pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Roche, Novartis, Sanofi, AbbVie etc. and small scale companies such as ASINEX, Boston bio-medicals, Redx pharma, OncoMed pharmaceuticals are currently working for the advancement and approval of the new stem cell therapeutics.


As per research report, the cancer stem cell therapeutics market has a very bright future and it is emerging as a prominent and permanent treatment method for management of deadly cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma and many solid tumors. The continuous success of the approved cancer stem cell therapeutics and presence of many new therapies in the clinical pipeline is indicating the commercial success of this market segment in upcoming years. Further, limitations of the traditional cancer therapeutics, high efficacy and cost-effectiveness of stem cell therapeutics and many other driving factors are also boosting the market of cancer stem cell therapeutics and take it to the next level in upcoming years.  

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