Cancer Drug Deliver using Nanogenerator

Release Date: 26-Sep-2019

Researchers of China recently develop a new drug delivery method known as Nanogenerator. It is an implantable device that can be used to establish a more accurate drug delivery system for cancer therapy. The device is very small with a length of about 2.5 cm, width is about 2.5cm and height is about 0.5 cm. It can be implanted underneath the skin and can generate enough electricity to control the release of the drug.


Antung the various cancer therapies, Chemotherapeutics is the most basic and frequently used approach for cancer treatment. The main reason for the high use of chemotherapeutics is its low cost. However, chemotherapy drugs are responsible for various adverse effects such as bone marrow depression, alopecia etc. Therefore, designing a new drug delivery system, which is able to deliver the drug at controlled rate, for cancer therapy has become an essential research area.


The researchers from the Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, which is under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and researchers of the Institute of Process Engineering under the CAS have developed a triboelectric nanogenerator which is able to act as an electricity supplier for the drug delivery system.


The test of nanogenerator-controlled drug delivery system was performed on the mice with tumor. This test confirms that the nanogenerator is able to deliver the drug at the site of tumor and reduces the amount of drug reaching the normal unaffected cells. It has significantly prolonged the survival life of mice and had less toxic side effects.


According to one of the researcher, Feng Hongqing, the controlled release drug delivery system can be used as a wearable or implantable medical device, to effectively kill the tumors with fewer side effects. We are also trying to further reduce the size of the triboelectric nanogenerator to comply with the implantation requirements.

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