ALLO 715 - An Allogeneic CAR T Cell Therapy Moves Into Clinical Phase

Release Date: 17-Sep-2019

Allogene therapeutics is working on a new CAR T cell therapy named ALLO 715 for patients with multiple myeloma. Recently, the first clinical trial report of ALLO 715 is about to launch. US FDA also approves the new drug application of ALLO 715. The clinical trial is expected to start in second half of the year 2019.


Car T cell therapy involves isolation and collection of the T-cells of the patient. The isolated cells are than modified to recognize the cancerous cells and eliminate them. The modified cells are again inserted into the patient’s body and the desired effects are achieved.


ALLO 715 is a special type of immuno therapy, which follows the similar basic concept of CAR T cell therapy but in this case, the T-cells are not isolated from the patient. The T cells in ALLO 715 is isolated and harvested from a healthy donor. This product is able to recognize the B-cell mature antigen protein and eliminates these cells.   


Besides the benefits of the Allogeneic Car-T cell therapy, a major problem is associated with this therapy known as graft-versus-host diseases (GvHD). In tthis condition, the transplanted donor cell start attacking the patient’s body, which results in further complication.


Thus, researchers engineered ALLO-715’s cells to attack only BCMA-positive cells. This also includes a safety switch, which allowed them to destroy the engineered cells in the presence of Rituxan (rituximab). Now, the universal Phase 1 trial will test ALLO-715 in people with multiple myeloma who are resisted to any other treatment or failed to respond to treatment (refractory), or in the case of relapsing of cancer.

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