Wind Power in Brazil

Release Date: 01-Nov-2012

The lower cost for production coupled with government incentives schemes has led to favorable environment for the development of wind power market in recent years. These lucrative market conditions have led to entry of many international players like Vestas, Gamesa, Siemens, Suzlon and GE into Brazilian wind power market landscape.

Wind farm auctions process followed by the Brazilian government has been the major contributor towards the unprecedented growth of the wind power market in recent years. The auction process adopted by the government has not only contributed in the past growth trajectory attained by wind power market but it has also led to the favorable platform required for the growth levels to be achieved in the future.

The share of wind power was miniscule in 2011, as compared to other renewable sources of power in Brazil. In fact, hydro power, natural gas and biomass constituted for 70.5%, 11.3% and 7.6% of the total installed capacity of power in 2011. Against these significant shares, wind power accounted for a mere 1.22% share in the overall power installed during the same year. The capacity is anticipated to rise at rapid rate till 2014 due to commercialization of wind power projects auctioned in recent years.

One of the main reasons for this promising and fast growth is that Government of Brazil is pushing for development of wind power in a big way. This automatically translates into lucrative opportunities for the domestic and foreign companies interested in wind power. As discussed, the recent auction process has also resulted in a favorite environment for the future expansion of wind power installed capacity in Brazil. The closeness of generation centers and the electricity consumption will also fuel the wind power installed capacity in coming years.

The research report “Brazil Wind Power Market Analysis” provides detailed information on cumulative installed capacity, installed capacity by region and state, operational and under construction wind farms in various states of Brazil, onshore and offshore wind resources by region at variable wind speed, changing wind power sector dynamics along with regulatory and competitive landscape.


For more information on research report  Visit “Brazil Wind Power Market Analysis”.

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