UAE Power Sector Offers Immense Opportunity For Private Sector Investments

Release Date: 19-Jul-2012

The UAE power demand is expected to grow by 50% by the year 2020 indicating the rapid growth of its economy. The country is also one of the top per capita consumers of power in the world. The demand in energy is slated to increase leaving the supplies far behind. A recent research report “UAE Power Sector Analysis” published by Kuick research delves deep into the possibilities that the fledgling UAE power sector stores for the country. It traces the reasons and the future of UAE’s power market, the demand of which is anticipated to grow at the highest rate in the Middle East.

The emergence of UAE as an active market has left it with an increasing demand for power with conditions conducive to power generation, factors that are attracting foreign and domestic players alike. Both non renewable and renewable sources of power generation are being tapped to cater to this increasing demand and heavy investments are likely to flow in both the power sectors. The report gives an overview of the huge current and potential investments, the kinds which are bound to make it one of the most successful power sectors in the world.

In 2011, thermal energy contributed 90% to UAE’s power generation but with the inclusion of renewable energy sources, the government targets to bring this figure below the 90% mark by 2015, thus, giving immense opportunity to companies dealing in other sources of power generation. About US$ 50 billion is expected to be invested in the sector and the government plans to double this by 2020, opening the door to unlimited investment opportunities in the power sector with an aim of achieving sustainable growth.

The research report “UAE Power Sector Analysis” gives details about how these investments are projected and what factors have contributed to make UAE power sector such a lucrative market. The report studies comprehensively the critical aspects of power generation, governmental policies and regulations, incentives and initiatives taken by the government to increase investment along with an overview of the competitive landscape of the power sector in UAE.

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