UAE Power Sector Installed Capacity Anticipated to Surpass 30 GW by 2013

Release Date: 19-Apr-2012

The power sector installed capacity in UAE is expected to witness phenomenal growth in coming years according to upcoming research report “UAE Power Sector Analysis” by KuicK Research. The increasing economic activity along with ever rising per capita consumption will continue to drive the power sector installed capacity in UAE. The cumulative installed capacity in the country is anticipated to surpass 30 GW by 2013.

The UAE is a rapidly growing economy whose electricity sector needs are anticipated to increase upto 50% in order to meet its growing demand for power, by the year 2020. UAE also has one of the highest levels of per capita power consumption across the globe. The electricity consumption in the UAE region is slated to cross 100 TWh by 2012, putting pressure on the supply side. In fact, the power demand is expected to increase at one of the highest rate in the Middle East region till 2020.

In recent years, UAE has emerged as one of the most dynamic power market in the Middle East region. The increasing electricity demand and favorable operating environment has resulted in majority of the region power sector investment in the UAE. The investments are on the rise throughout UAE for both renewable and non-renewable energy sectors, to cater to the increasing demand for power. It is expected that UAE will witness more than US$ 100 Billion of investment in power sector during 2011-2015. Majority of these investments will be directed towards the growth for alternative and sustainable energy projects.

“UAE Power Sector Analysis” report gives detailed overview on the power sector in UAE. It helps the reader to get familiar with the ongoing trend, critical performance indicators related to power sector, government plans, policy & regulatory framework, key regulatory authorities and initiatives related to renewable energy in UAE.

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