Turkey Targeting 20 GW Wind Capacity by 2023

Release Date: 15-Jan-2013

Turkish wind sector has been expanding gradually in recent years.  The rising electricity demand and government focus on renewable energy has resulted in series of favorable transformation for wind power sector. The Government of Turkey recognizes the importance of wind as an excellent and environment friendly source of energy thereby focusing on growth of wind power sector in the region. The importance of wind power sector in Turkey overall energy matrix is reflected from the fact that wind capacity has grown almost 3800% from 2006 to 2012.

The number of operational wind farms has also been increasing in the country, raising the total amount of electricity supplied by wind power in the nation. This also speaks volumes about the high return potential of investing in the sector, which has attracted various domestic and foreign companies into Turkish wind power sector.

Turkey is realizing an increasing importance of switching to renewable sources of energy in times to come. In fact, Turkey aims to produce 30% of its electricity from renewable sources of energy by the year 2023. As mentioned in the framework of the Energy Strategy Plan 2010-2014 prepared by the Turkish Government, Turkey plans to have 10 GW in wind energy capacity in 2015 and to reach 20 GW in 2023.


For more information visit: Turkey Wind Power Sector Outlook 2017

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