Turkey Emerging As Favored Destination For Power Sector Investments

Release Date: 19-Jul-2012

The Turkish power sector has just crossed over the milestone of 50 GW cumulated installed capacity and is already gearing up for more. A recent report “Turkey Power Sector Outlook 2016” published by Kuick Research, takes a look at the increasing capacity of the power sector in the developing country of Turkey. It has turned out to be the most transformed power sector in the world and the report tells you just how that happened.

Quickly emerging as a power hub, Turkey has the capability to not only meet its domestic power demands but also supply the surplus to support power deficit in neighboring European and Middle East nations. The continuing liberalization process has brought about the addition of huge capacity by many big players and the government has been able to make its power sector market friendly. The report by Kuick research charts Turkey’s footsteps from being a power worried country to becoming a dependable power sufficient ally. Its newfound status has brought about investments from the domestic as well as international players, making it a favorite destination of power investors. The government has very rightly opened the market to one and all and a healthy competition has ensued to keep the prices under check while ensuring proper availability of power to the consumers.

The research report “Turkey Power Sector Outlook 2016” by Kuick research takes a look at the regulations in place, the structure of production and distribution in the country, competitive landscape and the future scenario. It is a comprehensive text based on the facts extensively laying down the factors responsible for Turkey’s foray into the world’s power map. It also gives a broad view of the exploitation of sources used for power generation, primarily coal and water, giving an insight into the power sector’s reliability and sustainability. It is an inclusive report on how has Turkey been able to transform itself with all the regulations perfectly falling in place and still being able to achieve the more the required power generation, bringing it to the center of the world’s power picture. 

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