The Great Indian Dividend Converting Urban and Industrial Waste to Energy

Release Date: 08-Jun-2012

The international community has embraced waste based energy, and Indian government and companies are increasingly deploying financial resources on these technologies. With India looking to reduce carbon emissions, expand renewable energy sources and stimulate domestic manufacturing, waste based energy is a market ready solution that can provide an important component to the country long term environmental and economic sustainability while also processing millions of tonnes of solid waste in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.

A report published by Kuick Research titled "India Urban and Industrial Waste to Energy Market", gives a detailed insight on the huge potential to switch disposal of waste to energy in India. This sector comes under the overall aegis and facilitation of the Ministry of Non Renewable Energy of India and in recent years has seen a surge of initiatives been undertaken to promote generation of power from urban and industrial waste.

The report also highlights the burgeoning waste energy generation potential in India, and indicates an increased trend towards capturing the latest Waste to Energy technologies, based on setting priorities for waste treatment methods. According to a 2011 data,already the overall installed capacity of grid connected waste power projects surpassed 70 MW by end 2011 in comparison to the 90 MW off grid based power projects.

Some of these promising new technologies include a variety of biochemical and thermo chemical approaches. For instance, organic waste in anaerobic syngas, has the potential where microbes consume food and solid waste to generate methane rich biogas, and generate electricity. Such technologies have shown promise at newer scales, generating higher investments and resources.

"India Urban and Industrial Waste to Energy Market" report gives an overview of the current scenario of off grid and grid connected waste based power projects, the competitive landscape in this segment and a range of issues affecting such initiatives. It guides the reader on a choice of programmes, with financial incentives being offered under the Government Energy Program for FY12.

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