South Korea LNG Imports to Surpass 45 Million Tons in 2017

Release Date: 27-Nov-2012

LNG imports in South Korea are estimated to surpass 45 Million Tons by 2017 end as compare to 36.7 Million tons in 2011 according to research study “South Korea LNG Market Outlook 2017” by KuicK Research. South Korea is the second largest importer of LNG across the globe as the nation has to depend on imports itself. The domestic gas production is negligible in the country which is about less than 2% of total natural gas consumption in South Korea. South Korea imports LNG through LNG tankers. 

Research report “South Korea LNG Market Outlook 2017” by KuicK Research gives comprehensive insight on following aspect related to LNG Market in South Korea:


Report Table of Contents


1. South Korea Natural Gas Market Overview

  1.1 Reserves

  1.2 Production

  1.3 Consumption


2. Long-Term Natural Gas Demand and Supply Plan

  2.1 Demand Trends

  2.2 Import Plan

  2.3 Natural Gas Storage Plan


3. Factors Driving the Natural Gas Demand

  3.1 Electricity Generation

  3.2 Gas Driven Vehicle

  3.3 Energy Security

  3.4 Environmental Issues

  3.5 LNG Price Competiveness


4. LNG Imports by Country


5. LNG  Operating Regasification Terminals

  5.1 Gwangyang

  5.2 Incheon LNG Terminal

  5.3 Pyeong-Taek LNG Terminal

  5.4 Tong-Yeong


6. Planned Regasification Terminals

  6.1 Jeju LNG Terminal

  6.2 Samcheok LNG Terminal (underconst)

  6.3 Boryeong LNG Terminal


7. Future of LNG Imports in South Korea

  7.1 Import Growth

  7.2 Long & Medium Term Contract


8. LNG Terminal Owner

8.1 Korea Gas Corporation

8.2 Posco


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