Solar Energy to Dominate Middle East Renewable Energy Initiatives

Release Date: 24-Apr-2013

According to recently published research study “Middle East Renewable Energy Sector Analysis” by KuicK Research has suggested that solar energy will dominate the upcoming renewable energy development in the Middle East region. The Middle East region is largest producer of oil and gas in the world but because of increasing pressure on the natural fossil fuel resources due to the growing population and economy, it has started focusing on diversifying its power generation sources and will be including renewable sources of energy in their energy basket. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Oman have all targeted 10% of power production from renewable sources of energy by 2020 and are rapidly moving towards realizing their targets.

The topography of this region gives it immense solar energy potential throughout the year. For about 80% of the year the skies are clear in this cloudless rainless region giving it uninterrupted sunlight. The Middle East region lies in the highest band of insulation in the world and forms a major part of the huge 18 TWe of the total worldwide solar radiation, thanks to its expansive desert like topography and climate.

As per “Middle East Renewable Energy Sector Analysis” report findings, the Middle East region receives the highest daily solar radiation in the world. In the summer months of April to August the sunlight is the highest for the maximum number of hours which peaks around in the months of June or July. For about 8 months in a year the region enjoys good amount of sunlight, March through October, better than most of the world.

Solar holds the key to renewable energy development in the Middle East region as it is the single most abundant renewable source of energy available there. Power produced from solar energy is efficient and cheaper as compared to other renewable sources of energy. The research report investigates the solar power potential of the region and individual countries. Huge investments and research studies are happening in efforts to tap the solar energy in the region as part of the renewable energy development. Majority of the investments on renewable energy development is being put in solar energy. The “Middle East Renewable Energy Sector Analysis” research report documents all the initiatives being taken in the individual countries to help boost their power production from solar energy. The research report from KuicK research vitalizes solar energy as a means to the targeted power production from renewable energy. 

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