Skin Care Dominating Ayurvedic Cosmetics Market in India

Release Date: 20-Nov-2012

The skin care segment dominates the market for ayurvedic cosmetics in India. Existing and newer players are constantly working on new and better products to offer to the Indian consumers and the rapidly evolving Indian consumers are lapping it all up.  The overall skin care market in India is expected to grow at more than  10% in next five to six years.

Increasing disposable incomes, changing lifestyles, and an increased pressure to look good have been driving the demand for cosmetics, especially the skin care segment. With the rise in awareness among consumers, the focus has shifted from merely looking good from the outside to overall wellbeing. Superficial beauty cosmetics are giving way to products for long term care. Consumers are gravitating toward ayurvedic skin care products that assure wellbeing inside as well as outside. Indian women are now using targeted creams for blemishes, wrinkles, under-eye issues, glow, and skin-brightening. The demand has evolved from generic creams to more specialized skin care products such as sun screens, toners, cleansers, astringents, dark circle removing creams, anti-wrinkle creams, and separate day and night creams. Among ayurvedic products, fairness creams, face packs, and face cleansers and scrubs are the most popular categories.

The teen market is a skin care segment that is expected to witness major growth in the coming years. However this is a segment dominated by mass market range of products and ayurvedic products that are considered to be high-end products tend to lose out on this consumer base. Some brands that have targeted this segment include Himalaya and ayurvedic extensions of large retail companies. Demand in this segment is for basic skin care products such as face washes, anti-blemish creams, and spot-reduction solutions. Innovative marketing and packaging in smaller sizes are the way forward for ayurvedic skin care companies looking to target this Indian segment that is only expected to grow in the coming decades.

“India Ayurvedic Cosmetics Market Outlook 2016” gives comprehensive overview on the following aspect related to ayurvedic cosmetics in India: 

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Report Table of Contents


1. India Ayurvedic Cosmetics Market Outlook


2. Ayurvedic Cosmetics Market by Segment

  2.1 Skin Care

  2.2 Hair Care

  2.3 Make-up

  2.4 Fragrance


3. Factors Driving the Market

  3.1 Preference for Natural Products

  3.2 Consumer Willing to Pay Premium Price

  3.3 Product Availability and Entry of New Players

  3.4 Improving Distribution Channel

  3.5 Low Entry and Regulatory Barriers

  3.6 Emergence of Organized Segment


4. Future Opportunities

  4.1 Exclusive Retail Outlet

  4.2 Online Retailing for Organic Growth

  4.3 Export Market

  4.4 Ayurvedic Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing

  4.5 Ayurvedic Parlors/Salon/Spa

  4.6 Ayurvedic Tourism


5. Challenges to be Resolved

  5.1 Ayurvedic Cosmetics Perceived as High End Product

  5.2 Low Product Penetration & Shelf Visibility

  5.3 Restricted Distribution Network

  5.4 Less Focus on Advertising & Consumer Awareness Activities

6. Ayurvedic Cosmetics Market Future Outlook 2016


7. Regulatory & Policy Framework


8. Competitive Landscape

  8.1 Khadi Gram Udyog/ Khadi and Village Industries Commission

    8.1.1 Business Overview

    8.1.2 Product Portfolio

  8.2 Himalaya

    8.2.1 Business Overview

    8.2.2 Product Portfolio

  8.3 Dabur Uveda

    8.3.1 Business Overview

    8.3.2 Product Portfolio

 8.4 Lotus Herbals

    8.4.1 Business Overview

    8.4.2 Product Portfolio

  8.5 Kama Ayurveda

    8.5.1 Business Overview

    8.5.2 Product Portfolio

  8.6 Shahnaz Husain Group

    8.6.1 Business Overview

    8.6.2 Product Portfolio

  8.7 Forest Essentials

    8.7.1 Business Overview

    8.7.2 Product Portfolio

  8.8 Biotique

    8.8.1 Business Overview

    8.8.2 Product Portfolio

  8.9 Fabindia

    8.9.1 Business Overview

    8.9.2 Product Portfolio

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