Renewable Energy Set to Dominate UAE Power Sector Landscape

Release Date: 24-Apr-2012

Renewable energy development plans and investments are set to dominate UAE power sector landscape over the next decade according to a recent research report “UAE Power Sector Analysis” published by KuicK Research. As per research report findings, policy makers in UAE will now shift their focus towards development of renewable energy infrastructure in near future in order to meet its growing electricity demand.

The Government of UAE is emphasizing greatly on building the renewable energy sector to cater to domestic demand for power. Government has put in place investor friendly and transparent regulations in order to move ahead towards the development of renewable energy infrastructure. This move is considered as initiative to attract private sector to come and reap benefits from making big ticket investments and enjoying its high returns in turn.

The renewable energy sector is at nascent stage of development in UAE and therefore promises a high rate of return on investments. UAE is planning to introduce feed-in tariffs, which will allow companies producing energy renewable resources rights to feed electricity into public grids and retain fixed rates for each kilowatt hours produced.

Various emirates in UAE have already set targets for inclusion of renewable energy as one of the major sources to meet their electricity demand. Abu Dhabi Government’s has set target to draw more than 5% of energy from the renewable energy basket by 2020. An equally promising target is set by the Government of Dubai. This translates into tremendous growth potential for all the sub-sectors of renewable energy which include solar, wind, gas, based power resources.

“UAE Power Sector Analysis” report gives detailed overview on the power sector in UAE. It helps the reader to get familiar with the ongoing trend, critical performance indicators related to power sector, government plans, policy & regulatory framework, key regulatory authorities and initiatives related to renewable energy in UAE.

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