RNAi Therapy Emerged As Inseparable Tool In Drug Delivery

Release Date: 23-Apr-2014

The use of RNAi technology in functional genomics has been increasing in recent years because of the advantage offered by this technology. By using this technology, a specific gene could be silenced if the target sequence is better chosen. However, as RNAi is a process which is dependent on homology, an accurate selection of a unique or conserved region of the target gene would ensures that a specific member of a multiples gene family could be silenced. Additionally, it has also been observed that RNAi facilitates the generation of dominant loss-of-function mutation in polyploidy plants, even with short dsRNAs.

The RNAi therapy has rapidly evolved itself into a powerful tool which has the ability to successfully silence gene expression in cells by allowing the researchers and scientists to analyze the molecular impact of modulating expression. This analysis can be done at the individual genes level, which leads to more accurate results. Such a high degree of accuracy is now achieved without time-consuming efforts (as before) to construct a single-gene knock-out or dominant negative expressing cell lines.

The diversity in the application of RNAI therapy in drug production and delivery has made it an inseparable tool for both academia and industrial scientists who are interested in gene function characterization, singnaling pathway analysis and target validation.

The overall market for RNAI therapeutics drug delivery is expected to grow significantly in the next 3-5 years horizon mainly owing to the fact that Rnai therapeutics is increasingly helping pharma companies to successfully develop drugs to treat complex diseases. Some examples of such life-threatening diseases include huntingdon’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and hepatitis c.


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