Nuclear Energy To Dominate UAE Power Sector Expansion Process

Release Date: 28-May-2012

Nuclear energy has emerged as best option for UAE to fulfill its growing electricity demand according to a recent research report UAE Power Sector Analysis published by KuicK Research. The traditional non-renewable sources of power are insufficient to fulfill the rising electricity demand which is projected to surpass 30000 MW by 2020. While renewable energy sources like solar and wind based power are being explored, it is projected that these will only be able to meet upto less than 10% of electricity demand by 2020. Therefore, the need for a long term policy framework for evaluating and exploring nuclear energy potential has emerged in UAE.

The policy makers in UAE are committed towards the development of nuclear energy sector to cater its growing demand of electricity and have put in place the requisite regulatory and policy framework in the country. Nuclear safety and protection of the public has emerged as an imperative choice where maintaining highest of standards of safety has been the foremost preference for the policy makers in UAE. The country has been developing a programme where it is using high technology along with highest of international standards for performance as well as safety of the public.

The country plans to construct three to four nuclear plants, where the first plant is expected to be connected to the Abu Dhabi grid by 2017. The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation ENEC ensures the design, construction and operation of the UAE nuclear energy plants. UAE is planning to have provisions of joint-venture for future nuclear power plants rather than establishing indigenous expertise.

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