Indian Specialty Clinics Market Emerged as Billion Dollar Opportunity

Release Date: 08-May-2013

The ever increasing demand for healthcare services in India has opened up significant scope for new opportunities in delivering affordable healthcare services to the rural and semi-urban population of the country. This, coupled with the rising number of diseases, makes it essential for the healthcare players to strive to increase the ease of availability of healthcare services. With the GDP growing at close to 6-7%, the healthcare expenditure is also expected to simultaneously expand in the coming 5 years. Specialty clinics would largely help in bridging the gap between the demand and supply of healthcare services and facilities by providing cost effective and superior care.  India has a rich pool of surgeons with vast expertise and knowledge. This resource needs to be tapped to the maximum by the healthcare players so as to enable the people residing in the tier II and tier III cities to avail of the best services.

According to upcoming research study “India Specialty Clinics Market Analysis”, there exist enormous opportunity for the specialty clinics in India in the years to come. With the increase in the number of players into this sector, there will be an increase in the level of competition. As single specialty clinics are mainly focused on providing a comprehensive range of services for a specific therapeutic area, they require lesser investment than multi-specialty hospitals, and hence are easier to operate and provide facilities. It is expected that this business model of single clinics specialized in particular domain would lead the growth in the Indian healthcare industry.


“India Specialty Clinics Market Analysis” Research Report


1.       Why India Need Specialty Clinics?


2.       India Specialty Clinics Market Overview

2.1     Current Market Scenario

2.2     Investments & Breakeven Period

2.3     Regulatory & Policy Framework

2.4     Challenges to be Resolved


3.       Specialty Clinic Business Model in India


4.       Specialty Clinics Market Opportunity Analysis

4.1     IVF

4.2     Cosmetics Surgery

4.3     Eye Care

4.4     ENT

4.5     Dental Care

4.6     Gastroenterology

4.7     Orthopedics Clinics

4.8     Maternity Care

4.9     Heart Disease

4.10    Kidney Dialysis Centers

4.11    Diabetic Centres


5.       Favorable Market Dynamics for Specialty Clinics in India

5.1     Day Care Surgery Market

5.2     Demand Supply Gap

5.3     Favorable Business Environment

5.4     Rising Funding Options

5.5     Shift in Disease Patterns

5.6     Preference for Neighborhood Clinics

5.7     Time Cost Benefit Option

5.8     Rising Health Insurance Coverage

5.9     Emergence of Telemedicine Segment


6.       Competitive Landscape

6.1     Apollo Clinic

6.2     Nova Medical Centers

6.3     Max Specialty Clinic

6.4     LifeSpring Hospital

6.5     NephroPlus

6.6     Nephrolife

6.7     Vasan Eye Care & Dental Care Hospitals

6.8     Eye-Q Hospital

6.9     White Dental Care



Report will be published on  10’May’2013.


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