Indian In Vitro Diagnostics Market To Surpass USD 1 Billion by 2016

Release Date: 08-May-2013

According to research report “Indian In Vitro Diagnostics Market Opportunity Analysis 2018”, the Indian IVD market is valued at more than US$ 500 Million, and is expected to touch the US$ 1 Billion mark in 2016 growing steady at a CAGR of 19%. All these values point towards an increased healthcare spending and changing mindsets towards preventive rather than curative therapies. In vitro diagnostics form a key segment of the Indian healthcare scenario and prerequisite towards other analytical technique for disease diagnosis and therapeutic schedule designing.

The stunning values indicate exponential growth of this segment within the Indian healthcare industry. This industry has been one of the revenue generating segments of the healthcare setup in the Indian scenario. This double digit growth rate can be attributed to increased awareness about diseases, desire to undergo preventive health checkups, availability of disease specific tests, corporate setups promoting health focus of employees, increase in the  corporate hospital infrastructure and installation of automated and semi-automated biochemistry, immunology, and hematology equipments. Other major contributors of growth include improvement in diagnostics tools, and increased availability of over-the-counter tests, that can be performed by the patient himself.


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Report  Table of Contents


1. India IVD Market Overview

  1.1 Current Market Scenario

  1.2 Growth Drivers

  1.3 Key Challenges to be Resolved


2. IVD Market by Device & Reagents

 2.1 Immunochemistry

  2.2 Biochemistry.

  2.3 Hematology

  2.4 Blood Gas & Electrolyte

  2.5 Molecular Diagnostics

  2.6 Urinalysis

  2.7 Coagulation Analysis

  2.8 Microbiology


3. Emerging Market Trends

  3.1 Rising Lab Automation

  3.2 Transition towards preventive health checkups

  3.3 Entry of Corporate Chains


4. India IVD Market Future Outlook


5. Regulation & Policy Framework

  5.1 Guidelines for Registration of Imported IVD Reagents & Devices

  5.2 Compendium for Technical Specifications

  5.3 Registration/ Re-Registration of Notified Medical Devices

  5.4 Conducting Clinical Trial(s) of Medical Devices in India

  5.5 Grant of form 10 licenses for the import of non –critical diagnostic kits/reagents

  5.6 Import Licence of  Non-Notified diagnostic  kits in India

  5.7 Import Licence of Notified diagnostics kits in India

  5.8 Registration of Notified Diagnostics Kits in India


6. Competitive Landscape

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