Indian Genetic Screening Market to Treble by 2018

Release Date: 14-May-2013

Genetic testing market in India was initially limited to very few organizations in the country, which possessed both the expertise and the capability to conduct screening tests with assurance. The horizon is expanding gradually in the field of identifying DNA and might grow into humungous proportions if growth drivers are properly put into place. More and more laboratories with advanced equipments are now mushrooming to handle the increasing demands and provide people with the test results, as quickly as possible. However, in order to look for growth drivers it is very essential to understand the challenges faced by this segment of healthcare services. Indian genetic testing market is expected to treble by 2018 from just under US$ 15 Million in 2012.

India has a large population base which seems to be key drivers for growth. With a booming population of 1.22 billion, 70% of the population lies in the rural setup, which lacks awareness and resources. Even the medical fraternity also is not much aware in terms of the benefits of genetic screening and how to carry out specific tests. Since it is a relatively new concept, it is surrounded by host of issues pertaining to morality and ethics. There is a technical lacuna for conducting highly specific genetic diagnostic tests and lack of awareness that prevents the basic understanding of the need of genetic screening for screening large number of congenital and genetic disorders.

“India Genetic Testing Market Analysis” is an intriguing text that gives detailed facts and analysis on latest developments in the Indian Genetic Testing market landscape. Report discusses various segments of the market and analyzes the factors responsible for the growth and the need to resolve challenges to maintain growth momentum in future.


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