Indian CCTV Market to Witness Steady Conversion to IP Based Surveillance System

Release Date: 06-May-2013

In India, the preference is for analog based surveillance systems currently but recent trends indicate a shift towards digital technology based IP surveillance systems, used increasingly in different verticals such as retail, manufacturing, homeland security, transportation, BFSI and government. The Indian market for surveillance and CCTV is fast changing with new technologies being introduced coupled with the technological advancement being more towards software based solutions than hardware based. The latest technology expected to dominate the surveillance space is the network or IP camera. From the earlier Analog CCTV technology, there has been a technology shift and the introduction of Internet protocol (IP) based (digital), open source and fully integrated systems, with the option for remote surveillance, background screening, video analytics, digital video and sensor-based detection.

Surveillance and CCTV solution market has seen new technologies coming in, more on the software side compared to hardware solutions. Going forward, network or IP camera is likely to dominate the market scape. The analog devices of the earlier generation are being replaced by IP based, open source, fully integrated systems. Even today, there is a big chunk of market that continues to use analog surveillance equipment. However, there is a strong and steady conversion to IP-based surveillance. Progressively, the IP-based pie is increasing in the Indian market. Also, with more services getting converged onto IP-based platforms, the trend is definitely moving towards a bigger slice of the pie for IP surveillance.

IP based surveillance solutions are coming into currency with the price of the equipment such as IP cameras and networkable DVRs coming down and also the availability of sufficient bandwidth to transmit these images over both wired and wireless networks.

“India CCTV Market Outlook 2016” research report discusses following aspects related to booming CCTV market in India;



Report Weblink: “India CCTV Market Outlook 2016”

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