India as Hub for Fertility (IVF Treatment) Tourism

Release Date: 11-Jun-2013

The fertility industry in India is an integral part of the country's growing medical tourism industry. In 2012, over 2000,000 visitors from different countries came to India for treatment. In recent years there has been multifold increase in the number of websites advertising assisted reproductive technologies (ART) with marketing heavily targeted towards foreigners. Indian IVF clinics can generate additional generate additional revenue of at least USD 250 million every year by promoting treatment services in western countries.

Treatment for infertility in India costs significantly less than that in developed countries, using the technology which is at par with that delivered by competent specialists and attaining similar success rates. In India, IVF treatment cost of one cycle is about US$ 3000 as compared to US$ 10,000 in the US.  Yet, there are a few bottlenecks that restrict the widespread use of the IVF technique in the country. If medical insurance companies start providing coverage for infertility treatment, it will become a rather cost-effective method.

Furthermore, treatments such as use of donor gametes, sex selection for non medical reasons are prohibited in a few countries because the application is considered ethically unacceptable. In some countries, techniques such as oocyte freezing and cytoplasmic transfer are considered unsafe. Healthcare in the West sometimes keeps people in waiting lists for months.  Therefore, long waiting periods have led patients from European countries to travel to India for treatment. Commercial surrogacy, which is banned in some European countries but legalized in India in 2002, has also given a boost to reproductive tourism in the country.


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