India Sitting On Huge Waste To Energy Potential

Release Date: 09-Jul-2012

With solid waste of about 55 Million tonnes and 38 Billion liters of sewage every year excluding industrial wastes, India is certainly sitting on a huge energy potential. According to a recent research report “India Urban And Industrial Waste to Energy Market” published by KuicK Research, Waste to Energy potential is bound to take off and fly high, giving India the much required energy to cater to its increasing demands. The urban and industrial waste is expected to increase as the development increases and villages convert into towns and cities. India has the requisite raw material, the capital and the technology for this very profitable energy conversion market and is rapidly increasing its generation potential.

The grid connected waste power generation has crossed 70 MW in 2011 while the non grid connected generation is at an increasing 90 MW. India is looking at a future in which domestic and international players will soon enter the waste energy market and exploit its potential to provide the energy to meet its increasing demand. The government has also taken initiatives to make sure that this huge potential is tapped properly while keeping it in sustainable measures. The research report also gives an insight into the government policies for waste energy generation formulated by the Ministry of Environment and Forests as the Municipal Solid Waste rules in 2000. The waste energy generation in India comes under the direct purview of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in India.

The detailed report “India Urban And Industrial Waste to Energy Market” gives an overview on the waste energy generation potential in India along with information on all the factors associated with it. It covers waste generation scenario, waste to energy generation potential, installed and proposed capacity and facilities, investments and the regulatory framework with a sneak peek into the technology used. The report published by Kuick Research gives a focused outlook on the future of waste energy generation in India and how exactly will it change the Indian energy demand and supply scenario.

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