India Reverse Logistics Market Offers USD 18 Billion Opportunity

Release Date: 06-May-2014

India is seen as one of the most promising and dynamic reverse logistics markets in the world. The increasing customer demands for better aftermarket services, awareness of their consumer rights and the growth of the e-business channel are few factors which are leading adoption of reverse logistics practices in supply chain process. While reverse logistics practices in recent times have been have been seen as environmentally friendly and adding more weight to corporate social responsibilities, increased competition and customer demand has made manufacturers and retailers to look at aspects like warranty, service and returns with more concern.

In India, reverse logistics is seen as a sunrise sector within logistics. Since it is an industry that is still evolving, there is excitement and interest over the sizable business opportunity but wariness regarding the high execution risk. There is also the awareness and acknowledgement of the fact that within Indian conditions reverse logistics can be a very tedious and specialized job given the vast geography and presence of various sub market landscape.

While traditional or normal forward supply chain involves the top-down flow of raw materials and finished goods from supplier to end consumer reverse logistics involves the return of certain percentage of goods from end consumers to manufacturers in sectors like auto, IT parts, liquor, flowers for refurbishing, recycling, repair and replacement. The forward chain passes through different phases of value and cost addition from players like manufacturer, distributor and retailer network while in reverse logistics goods get returned from end consumers, wholesalers, retailers for different reasons such as warranty replacement, obsolescence and expiry. The Indian Reverse Logistics market was estimated around US$ 10 Billion as of 2012.

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