India IVF Treatment Market to Surpass USD 2 Billion by 2014

Release Date: 05-Feb-2013

The infertility market inIndiais highly fragmented. There are no organized IVF chains and the industry is dominated by regional stand-alone clinics. Not many big players are focusing on this segment, while many big and small infertility clinics are coming up in cities. There is no single large player and while large clinics do about 1,000 IVF cycles per year, the smaller ones do about 30 per year. As per KuicK Research report “India IVF Treatment Market Outlook 2016” findings the total number of cycles being performed in India is much lesser than it’s potential due to lack of adequate facilities in the unorganized healthcare sector.

This scenario is likely to change, as corporates start entering this segment and setup a network of clinics all over the country. There are few well known names already in this space. Many prominent city hospitals have been identified as part of this initiative. Hospitals that will integrate the infertility treatment, obstetric/high-risk obstetric services, and neonatal care have been growing.

The IVF market in India stood at US$ 1 Billion in 2011 and is estimated to grow surpass US$ 2 Billion by 2014. Factors that have contributed to the growth of this sector in India include increased awareness of available treatment options, hi-tech infrastructure, effective treatment options, low cost treatments as compared to developed countries, easy access and availability, economical prices of IVF drugs and an unregulated market.


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