India E Waste Recycle Market Offers USD 1.5 Billion Opportunity

Release Date: 03-Sep-2013

E-waste inIndiais a matter of much interest and concern, both from the point of view of the environmental aspect and from a business opportunity. Both reveal the magnitude of the issue and enormity of the task. Figures indicate that the E-Waste output in India has grown exponentially in the past decade and will continue to grow, while in the last two years specifically, it has been growing at a rate of about 13 per cent.

The only aspect that gives some room for comfort is a comparison on a global level where the per capita generation of e-waste per year by the standard of developed countries, theUSstands at seven kg and the EU at 15 kg per person whileIndiais at 0.7 kg. However trends indicate thatIndiais fast approaching those standards and is likely to be looking at an overwhelming amount of e-waste.

The E Waste market opportunity is underutilized at different levels. While there is less than optimal number of organized recyclers, the capacity utilization and raw material procurement by the recyclers in the organized sector needs to be improved significantly to tap into this market. The existing level of capacity utilization is 28% and needs proper planning and project management to be able to scale up and meet the market expectations. The e-waste recycling revenue potential in India is estimated around US$ 1.5 Billion in 2013 which is further expected to increase to US$ 3 Billion by 2018.


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