India Cord Blood Banking Market Witnessing Double Digit Growth

Release Date: 06-May-2013

Stem cell banking which was nonexistent a couple of years ago, has now become a flourishing business with more and more parents wishing to store their baby's cord blood as a form of bio-insurance, even though it comes at a heavy price. While cord blood storage has gained loads of momentum as a less traumatic treatment option for the diseases not cured by any other therapy, menstrual blood banking is yet to catch up pace. Stem cell treatment is a therapy in which new cells are injected into damaged tissues and banks generally charge anything between Rs 60,000 (USD 1200) and Rs 100,000 (USD 2000) to harvest the cord blood for private use. Increased awareness about the benefits of stem cell therapies has led to mushrooming of several firms providing treatment and blood storing services in less than six years.

India is poised to emerge as the largest source for umbilical cord blood given the very high birth rate in the world. Since umbilical cords are the richest source of stem cells, it's no surprise then that leading stem cell banking companies are keen on shifting their stem cell bases in India. Till date around six key private players, both Indian as well subsidiaries of international companies are operating in the stem cell banking market of India.

“India Stem Cell Banking Market Analysis” research report outlines following aspects related to booming stem cell banking in India:


Report Weblink: “India Stem Cell Banking Market Analysis”

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