Increasing Infertility Rate Driving IVF Treatment Market in India

Release Date: 29-May-2012

The IVF treatment market in India is witnessing double digit growth driven by increasing infertility rate among married couples and availability of low cost treatment procedures. According to a recent research report "India IVF Treatment Market Analysis" published by KuicK Research, in India, approximately 15% to 20% of married couples in their fertile age group, suffer from infertility and it is on the increase because of stress, competitive work environment, fast-paced lifestyles, late settlement in life, more women opting to work, increased incidence of diabetes, pelvic inflammatory diseases, etc.

The IVF market in India is highly unregulated and anyone can open infertility or assisted reproductive technology ART clinic; no permission is required to do so and there is no written law that regulates this practice. The industry only follows the guidelines laid down by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) that includes when, and by whom IVF can be performed. However, no guidelines have been laid down for the setting up of IVF clinics. As a result, the numbers of IVF clinics are rapidly increasing around the country. It is expected that, in future, with greater regulation of the market, more hospitals will tap into this segment.

The high growth potential of the IVF segment has attracted close attention of the Government. The surge of the ART Industry in India has led to a number of ethical, legal, social and moral dilemmas and the Government is working towards bringing regulation in the industry.

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