Immunotherapy To Transform Cancer Drug Market Dynamics

Release Date: 06-Aug-2014

“Cancer Immunotherapy Market & Clinical Pipeline Insight” Report Highlights:


The recent years have witnessed the emergence of cancer immunotherapy, which has the potential to offer less toxic and more efficient therapeutic alternatives for patients. Over the past 15 years, the researchers have increased their learning about the human body’s immune system, which has led to the achievement of significant number of regulatory milestones during this period. Cancer immunotherapy has been made commercial and the market availability of the agents has enabled the pharma companies to develop novel combination approaches which have the capability to provide even greater insight into the body’s immune system.

With the introduction of Yervoy as one of the agents of cancer immunotherapy, it has been identified that there is a large window of opportunity for treating cancer patients successfully. It has been observed that with the use of Yervoy, in the long-term, a majority of the patients have remained free of relapse of cancer for many years. Thus, this finding has strengthened the understanding that the field of cancer immunotherapy has a disruptive potential in the future years after its complete development.

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