HIV Vaccine Need Driven by Focus on Prevention Of Disease

Release Date: 23-Apr-2014

There are many preventive interventions which currently exist to control the spread of the HIV virus along with some new tools. Some of the preventive strategies including behavior change programs, condoms, HIV testing, blood supply safety, harm reduction efforts for injecting drug users, and male circumcision have increasingly become popular in the present days. Additionally, according to the results of recent research, it has been observed that providing HIV treatment to infected people significantly reduces the risk of transmission to their negative partners. Coupled with this trend is the increasing use of antiretroviral-based microbicide gel which is known to reduce the risk of HIV infection in women. 

The treatment for HIV includes the increasing use of the combination of antiretroviral therapy to attack the virus itself, and medications to prevent and treat the infections which occur when the immune system is generally weak. Thus, the stakeholders are considering increasing their efforts and investments in the prevention and treatment field so as to reduce the mortality due to AIDS across the globe. Thus, developing an effective vaccine is of utmost importance in the current scenario.

The market for HIV vaccines is very complicated. There is stiff competition among the players in the market. Though the novel HIV drugs would continue to earn a major share of their revenue from the US and European markets, many leader companies in this market would start to lose their market protection in 2017. Additionally, the greatest numbers of HIV-infected people are in poor countries. Pharmaceutical companies have come under growing pressure to lower their costs significantly in sub-Saharan Africa and to release their products to generic competition. It's estimated that half of the people needing HIV drugs have access to them.


“HIV Vaccine Market Opportunity & Clinical Pipeline Analysis” Report Highlights: 


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