HIV Vaccine Market Driven By Preclinical Research In Immunology

Release Date: 12-Aug-2014

“HIV Vaccine Market Opportunity & Clinical Pipeline Analysis” Report Highlights:


There have been significant breakthroughs achieved in terms of prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS in the past 3-4 years. The future is also likely to continue to witness similar technological and medical success in terms of new drugs and an efficient vaccine, with the help of adequate funding. Certain developments like a new treatment to reduce transmissibility in drug users and new efforts to strengthen the immune system have the potential to develop further and provide better healthcare services to the patients in the future.

In terms of the market, with the rising popularity of this disease and the growing efforts to combat its spread, it is most likely that an increasing number of companies would enter this market, which would, in the long run, reduce the overall cost of drugs owing to increased competition among the players. Additionally, economies of scale would also be a major factor driving down the cost of drugs targeted for the HIV virus infected people. This in turn would make the drugs and treatment options more affordable.

The HIV vaccine market in the future would witness an increased level of focus on basic and preclinical research in immunology owing to the fact that this would provide the necessary knowledge to guide the design of an effective HIV-1 vaccine. With basic research, the scientists could get a deeper understanding of the process of immune response in certain HIV-1 infected persons. However, the complete use of this knowledge in achieving the ultimate research objective of developing an effective vaccine is still questionable.


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