Government Reforms Driving Power Sector Expansion In Brazil

Release Date: 31-Jul-2012

Latin America is one of the fastest growing regions in the world with Brazil one of the rapidly growing economies. With growing economy it is also experiencing a growing demand of electricity that is majorly provided by hydropower. It has been 15 years since the sector was privatized but the market is still highly regulated by the government with a lot of scope at improvement. A recent research report “Brazil Power Sector Outlook 2016” published by KuicK Research details the coming of age of the Brazilian power sector and just how the recent reforms have changed the landscape of the industry. It also takes a look at the future and the growth opportunities that exist in the country’s power sector.

The report states that almost 70 to 80% of power generated in Brazil comes from hydropower but complete dependency on rains and a series of blackouts have shifted the government’s focus towards other renewable sources of energy like solar and wind. The research report shows that Brazil has already installed wind farms of 1.4 GW and plans to expand this to 5 GW by 2013 which will increase the share of wind energy in power production up to 5%. Solar energy is also being tapped with a 1 MW power project already installed with plans to expand this up to 100 MW. The government has started an integral investment strategy to attract investors for wind power generation, to which solar will be added later on. Biomass is also becoming popular as a means of power generation. Smart grid implementation of USD 1 Billion is already underway and is expected to surpass USD 3 Billion by 2020. The meticulous details of the renewable energy initiatives and the smart grid plans are all given in the report which also goes on to explain the rationale behind this new wave of reforms in the country.

With investments worth billions of US dollars in the pipeline and the consumption forecast to grow by more than 500 TWh by 2016, the Brazilian power sector, according to the report, holds great scope in the future. The government is reforming the sector to ensure that the investments are secured and can be redeemed. Companies like Suzlon, GE, Gamesa and many more are increasing their presence in Brazil in anticipation of the rising trend of wind and solar power.

“Brazil Power Sector Outlook 2016” research report is an inclusive text that gives details of all the aspects of the fledgling power sector in Brazil along with the companies, domestic and international, that will be active in bringing about an optimistic future. The report explains just how Brazil is on its way to become a pioneer in the power sector reforms and how much money is being put to increase its reliability, affordability and power security and give the future power investment scenario in the country a big thrust.

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