Genetic Testing Market in India

Release Date: 20-Feb-2013

India is witnessing an accelerating shift towards the prevalence of non-communicable diseases, having secured third position in congenital malformations and genetic disorders as the commonest causes of mortality in neonates in cities. The ability to identify these non-communicable diseases at an early stage lies within the genetic screening segment. Genetic screening, however, is still in its infancy and there are many challenges that need to be overcome in order to realize its full potential. Till date, we have just been able to understand its basic applications. We are yet to create a demand for the same which can be done when the major limitations faced by the genetic testing market are overcome. At present, a huge percentage of people from the medical background, the public at large and government bodies, all remain largely indifferent as well as skeptical towards the potential of medical genetics. How far this restraint is justified and how far it blocks the growth path for this field of medical sciences needs to be analyzed on a serious note.

As per findings of upcoming research study “India Genetic Testing Market Analysis” by KuicK Research, genetic testing market in India was initially limited to very few organizations in the country, which possessed both the expertise and the capability to conduct screening tests with assurance. The horizon is expanding gradually in the field of identifying DNA and might grow into humungous proportions if growth drivers are properly put into place. More and more laboratories with advanced equipments are now mushrooming to handle the increasing demands and provide people with the test results, as quickly as possible.

The success of genetic testing in India depends on overcoming major challenges that span around this field. Since India is one of the emerging markets and being looked upon by the global players as one of the key niches for growth, it is time that the caveats that might affects its growth are well understood and taken care of.

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Report TOC

  1. What is a Genetic Disease?

    1.1 Single Gene Disorder

    1.2 Multifactorial & Polygenic Disorders

    1.3 Inborn Genetic Disease

    1.4 Acquired Genetic Disease


  2. Genetic Testing Application

    2.1   Newborn Screening

    2.2   Diagnostic Testing

    2.3   Carrier Testing

    2.4   Prenatal Testing

    2.5   Predictive & Presymptomatic Testing

    2.6   Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

    2.7   Forensic Testing

    2.8   Parental Testing

    2.9   Pharmacogenomics


  3. Genetic Disorder in India

    3.1 Blood Related Disorders

    3.2 Bone and Joints Related Disorders

    3.3 Eye Disorders

    3.4 Hearing Disorders

    3.5 Lysosomal Disorders

    3.6 Multisystem Disorders

    3.7 Muscle Related Disorders

    3.8 Neurological Disorders

    3.9 Pigmentary Disorders

    3.10 Renal Disorders

    3.11 Reproductive Disorders

    3.12 Skin Related Disorders


  4. India Genetic Screening Market Opportunity

    4.1 Market Overview

    4.2 Prenatal Genetic Testing

    4.3 Newborn Genetic Testing


  5. Business Model to Adopt in India

   5.1 Standalone Testing Clinics

   5.2 In house Testing Labs in Hospitals

   5.3 Tie-ups with Hospitals Chain


  6. Key Challenges to be Resolved

   6.1 Lack of Awareness

   6.2 High Diagnostic Cost

   6.3 Concentrated Market


  7. Competitive Landscape

   7.1 Life Cell International

   7.2 2M India

   7.3 Perkin Elmer Genetics

   7.4 NutraGene

   7.5 DNA Labs India

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