Floating Solar Power Plant in Japan by 2013

Release Date: 08-Nov-2012

Japanese firm West Holdings is planning to install floating solar power plant with total capacity of 20 MW in near future as reported by business daily Nikkei. Company has initial plans to operate two facilities with capacity of 1 MW and 2 MW by end of 2013.

Japan’s prudent move to increase its solar power generation capacity is a result of its current highly fossil fuel dependent power generation. Japan had about 282 GW of installed electricity generation capacity before the Fukushima Nuclear incident. After the incident the country’s generation capacity fell to 243 GW in 2011 still maintaining its third largest position in the world behind the United States of America and China. Japan majorly relies on fossil fuels for its power generation with about 63% of the 1 Terra Watt hour (TWh) total electricity produced, in 2010, coming from only non renewable fuels. The country’s dependence on imports for fossil fuels is increasingly for the use in power generation. Another 27% was produced from nuclear sources, 7% from hydroelectricity and the rest 3% from renewable sources of energy including solar energy.

In 2011, the Japan contributed 7% to the world’s total installed solar PV capacity. While Germany and Italy were at the top two positions with 36% and 18% respectively, taking a whopping 54% share between them, Japan had the third largest installation capacity. Japan was followed by Spain with USA running a close fifth position and China at the sixth position. Other European countries took the share with Australia being the only other non European country in the top 10. The rest of the world constituted only 11% of the total share.

A recent research report “Japan Solar Power Sector Analysis” by KuicK Research gives comprehensive overview of the solar power development in Japan while delving deep into the factors responsible for the extraordinary growth. Based on the huge data analysis it shows how the country has made plans to develop this abundant resource. The report is an exhaustive text which highlights the solar sector amidst the other renewable sources, growing fossil fuel imports and fading popularity of nuclear power, which have all worked towards making solar power the future fuel for Japan.


For more information visit “Japan Solar Power Sector Analysis”.

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